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The Company

J75 safari tours is a local Tanzanian company having its basic roots in Moshi Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania. We live, work and share the 5% of the fruits of our hard work back to the community, mostly the special group and the less privileged.

J75 safari tours is a competent company in tourism and travels services. We work with the best professional guides with bachelor degrees in wildlife management and tourism. Our guides are highly hospitable and best in first aid knowledge. In the hands of our professional guides we assure you to be in very safe hands all the time you are with our company.

The company has a wide experience and offers excellent personalized services tailored to meet your specific preference. We have a distinguished, reputable and growing clientele base. We work with individuals, groups, companies and NGOs within and outside the country in organising all kinds of ecotourism activities at different areas such as cultural, religious, nature, adventures and the outreach programmes in an ethical manner.

Our steering code is to work with our customers, families, groups, and communities in a personage approach. We encourage you to work with us , discussing your interest, style of travel, budget time frame and any other factor that will influence your trip in a satisfactory way and then come up with an itinerary best suited to you, your family or group. Thus visit Tanzania and travel with J75 safari tours, we will make the best value of your money.

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Karibu Tanzania Mambo Poa… meaning "Welcome to Tanzania all is well".

Our Mission and Vision

We are a local Tanzanian company, with a high level of loyalty to our fellow citizens, customers, suppliers and the government, thus providing exceptional quality and environmentally friendly services. With every customer interaction with J75 safari tours convey the best of Tanzania and its beauties.

• Operating key strategic tourism honey pots in Tanzania.
• Delivering quality services efficiently and at an affordable price.
• Committing to sustainable wildlife tourism and cultural tourism.
• Building a long term relationship with travellers through innovation and the integration of products and our services.
• Sharing the 5% of fruits of our hard work with the special group and the less privileged.

J75 safari tours work in an environment involving all the potential stakeholders – staff, customers, suppliers, the government and the communities in which it operates. its corporate culture is thus distincted by

• Commitment
• Transparency and accountability
• Communication
• Learning