Tanzania Safari Package

Tanzania safaris are the best safaris in Africa since Tanzania is one of the top best destination in Africa. A Tanzania safari in the northern circuit takes you in Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area where Ngorongoro Crater is found. In every park you will be offered with superb game viewing experiencing a diversity of habitats.

The wildlife viewing in Tanzania is outstanding and easy to see the big cats (Lions, cheetah, Leopard). All members of the Big Five can be found in all the mentioned parks in northern circuit except for Rhino in Tarangire National Park and Lake Manyara National Park.

When is the best time to do safari?

Safari can be done throughout the year though sometimes it depends much on your interests. If you are interested with the greatest wildebeest migration, June to September (sometimes up to the beginning of October) is the best time for you to see the wildebeest crossing Mara River in the Northern Serengeti at Kogatende area. January and February are the best months to see the wildebeest taking birth at Ndutu Area.

If you are not interested with Wildebeest migration, then starting from June to February is the best time to do safari. March to May is wet season so sometimes you might get some challenges that you might not like. In other hand, it’s advantageous to you if you dislike being in crsince there is no too much tourist activities during those months.

How about your safety when booking with us?

Tanzania in general is safe to both residents and non-residents. Once you book with us you will be in safe hands from the first day until the end of your safari. We have got professional tour guides who will be taking care of you in every point. In every situation you will encounter our office line is 24 hours online making sure if you have any problem we can sort it clear as soon as possible.


Basic Camping Safari

In this safari all the nights will be at campsite found inside and outside just close to the park. You will be provided with all the camping equipment including tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, Maasai blanket (covering your mattress) and pillow. To all of the safari days you will be together with chef who taking care of your meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner).


In this safari you will be spending the nights in tented camps found inside the parks. There is tents for single person, double and family tents. Below are the links for the tented camps we use for our clients


Bookings for the accommodation can be done in two options

  • You can book direct to the tented camp you are interested
  • We can book for you


This safari involves spending nights at high quality lodges/hotels found inside the parks. Some of the lodges/hotels we normally book for our luxury clients are

There are also many other accommodation options. A list of choices can be provided upon request to cater all preferences.


We are very flexible in designing our itineraries. We consider season of the year, client interest, client time and budget to meet the client's desires. See some of the itineraries

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